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Unofficial native OpenRepos.net client for Sailfish OS.

OSM Scout Server


Messwerk shows and plots values from the different sensors of your phone.

Use your SailfishOS device to boot GNU/Linux Hybrid ISO images on your PC.

Ring for Windows | SearchNemo | SyMenu


Open source routing engine and accompanying libraries for use with OpenStreetMap data. Valhalla also includes tools like time+distance matrix computation, isochrones, elevation sampling, map matching and tour optimization.

Hangish | QuiteRSS | AviaTicket | jTox | WebCat | Podcatcher | Peek | Poor Maps | tIDE | BikeMe | Zimpedia


Pomodoro Timer - Cinnamon Applet
Great tool for boosted productivity!

nVidia Prime GPU Display - Cinnamon Applet
Displays which Graphics processor is active and nVidia GPU Temperature when active and in a horizontal panel.

Color Picker - Cinnamon Applet
Click on applet to pick color.

Cheaty - Cinnamon Applet
An applet to provide quick access to a variety of cheat sheets.

Development Utils - Cinnamon Applet
Development Utils Applet for Cinnamon.

Network Data Usage Monitor - Cinnamon Applet
A Comprehensive Data Usage Monitor with alerts and cumulative data functions.

Draft Map | Piepmatz | Zimpedia | Diodon | OSM Scout Server


Text-to-speech - Cinnamon Applet
A text reading applet.

ScreenShot - Cinnamon Applet
Take a snapshot of your desktop or individual windows.

Time Out - Cinnamon Applet
Automatically controlled time outs and breaks.

CobiWindowList - Cinnamon Applet
A window list with app grouping and window previews.

Window list (Fork By Odyseus) - Cinnamon Applet
Fork of the main Cinnamon Window list applet.


System Monitor (Fork By Odyseus) - Cinnamon Applet
Displays CPU, memory, swap, network usage and load in graphs.

GPU Temperature - Cinnamon Applet
Shows NVidia/ATI GPU temperature in the panel, and detailed/multi-gpu information in a popup menu.

Extensions Manager - Cinnamon Applet
Allows enabling/disabling extensions (and other tasks) from a menu.

Web Developer Menu - Cinnamon Applet
A Menu for PHP/MySQL Web Developers.

Screensaver Inhibitor - Cinnamon Applet
Click to inhibit the screensaver, click again to remove inhibition.

Num Lock/Caps Lock indicator - Cinnamon Applet
Shows whether caps lock/num lock is on, and displays a notification when these change.


Separator2 - Cinnamon Applet
Use this applet to create a separator between your applets.

Slingshot - Cinnamon Applet
A clone of Pantheon's Slingshot launcher in the form of a Cinnamon applet.

Multi Translator - Cinnamon Extension
Translation of text by different translation providers (currently Google, Yandex, Bing and Apertium).

XAMPP Panel Menu - Cinnamon Applet
A Panel Menu for XAMPP Web Developers.

Cinnamon Tweaks - Cinnamon Extension
Several tweaks for Cinnamon.

Wallpaper Changer - Cinnamon Applet
Cinnamon wallpaper slideshow applet with multiple profiles support.


GmailNotifier - Cinnamon Applet
Shows most recent mails, and how many unread messages you have.

Profile switcher - Cinnamon Applet
Change your settings profile.

Shutdown Applet - Cinnamon Applet
An applet to shutdown, restart and suspend your system.

Shutdown Menu With Icons - Cinnamon Applet
Another applet to help you shutdown, restart and suspend your system with single click.

Brightness and gamma - Cinnamon Applet
Sets brightness and gamma levels of a screen.

Printer Ink Level Monitor - Cinnamon Applet
USB Printer Ink Level Monitor Applet.

My Launcher - Cinnamon Applet
Personal app launcher.

SmallCalc - Cinnamon Applet
A nice compact popup calculator.

Network usage monitor - Cinnamon Applet
Network usage monitor using vnstat.



Simple Memory Monitor - Cinnamon Applet
A simple applet that displays the memory usage.

Bash Sensors - Cinnamon Applet
Write your Bash commands to specify applet output (temperature sensors and not only!)

Mailnag - Cinnamon Applet
Mailnag mail notifier applet.

CommandRunner - Cinnamon Applet
Applet runs script or application periodically and displays its output on the taskbar.

Simple ToDoList - Cinnamon Applet
Simple applet to create ToDo lists.


UserTile Applet - Cinnamon Applet
An applet to access your account details and more. Design is based on UserTile applet from Windows.

UserMenu - Cinnamon Applet
Another menu for your Account.

Location Detection+Flags - Cinnamon Applet
Shows the geographic location of your public IP and country-flag.

Todo - Cinnamon Applet
A simple todo list ticker for cinammon.

Better Cinnamon Settings - Cinnamon Applet
A Better Cinnamon Settings.

Places - Cinnamon Applet
Access your places and bookmarks

rwall - Cinnamon Applet
Random Wallpaper Changer.

My Bookmarks - Cinnamon Applet
Web apps launcher.

Custom Applications Menu - Cinnamon Applet
An applications drop-down list easily customisable.

Battery Applet with Monitoring and Shutdown - Cinnamon Applet
Displays Charge as Percentage and allows Alerts and Actions.

Workspace grid (2D) and switcher - Cinnamon Applet
2D workspace grid and switcher for Cinnamon.

Sane Menu - Cinnamon Applet
Cinnamon stock menu applet with improved search

Back-up State - Cinnamon Applet
Probes for the state of a certain rsync back-up by checking the exit status of the log file.

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