GmailNotifier - Cinnamon Applet
Shows most recent mails, and how many unread messages you have.

Profile switcher - Cinnamon Applet
Change your settings profile.

Shutdown Applet - Cinnamon Applet
An applet to shutdown, restart and suspend your system.

Shutdown Menu With Icons - Cinnamon Applet
Another applet to help you shutdown, restart and suspend your system with single click.

Brightness and gamma - Cinnamon Applet
Sets brightness and gamma levels of a screen.

Printer Ink Level Monitor - Cinnamon Applet
USB Printer Ink Level Monitor Applet.

My Launcher - Cinnamon Applet
Personal app launcher.

SmallCalc - Cinnamon Applet
A nice compact popup calculator.

Network usage monitor - Cinnamon Applet
Network usage monitor using vnstat.



Simple Memory Monitor - Cinnamon Applet
A simple applet that displays the memory usage.

Bash Sensors - Cinnamon Applet
Write your Bash commands to specify applet output (temperature sensors and not only!)

Mailnag - Cinnamon Applet
Mailnag mail notifier applet.

CommandRunner - Cinnamon Applet
Applet runs script or application periodically and displays its output on the taskbar.

Simple ToDoList - Cinnamon Applet
Simple applet to create ToDo lists.


UserTile Applet - Cinnamon Applet
An applet to access your account details and more. Design is based on UserTile applet from Windows.

UserMenu - Cinnamon Applet
Another menu for your Account.

Location Detection+Flags - Cinnamon Applet
Shows the geographic location of your public IP and country-flag.

Todo - Cinnamon Applet
A simple todo list ticker for cinammon.

Better Cinnamon Settings - Cinnamon Applet
A Better Cinnamon Settings.

Places - Cinnamon Applet
Access your places and bookmarks

rwall - Cinnamon Applet
Random Wallpaper Changer.

My Bookmarks - Cinnamon Applet
Web apps launcher.

Custom Applications Menu - Cinnamon Applet
An applications drop-down list easily customisable.

Battery Applet with Monitoring and Shutdown - Cinnamon Applet
Displays Charge as Percentage and allows Alerts and Actions.

Workspace grid (2D) and switcher - Cinnamon Applet
2D workspace grid and switcher for Cinnamon.

Sane Menu - Cinnamon Applet
Cinnamon stock menu applet with improved search

Back-up State - Cinnamon Applet
Probes for the state of a certain rsync back-up by checking the exit status of the log file.

Editor | Piepmatz | ownKeepass


Show or record desktop - Cinnamon Applet
Minimize all windows or record the desktop.

Graphics Center - Cinnamon Applet
Provides an easy and fast resource for all your picture needs.

Windows Quick List with close button - Cinnamon Applet
Quickly access windows from all workspaces with close buttons and settings.

Internet Search Box - Cinnamon Applet
Perform an Internet search, using your favorite engine.

Show desktop ++ - Cinnamon Applet
Click to show/hide desktop, scroll to switch workspace and windows quick list by right click.

Graphical hardware monitor - Cinnamon Applet
Displaying realtime CPU and memory load.

Desktop Handler - Cinnamon Applet
Various shortcuts to handle desktop actions.

Cinnamenu - Cinnamon Applet
A flexible menu providing formatting options and bookmarks.

Piepmatz | WebCat | Prostogram


Desktop Icon Size - Cinnamon Applet
Change desktop icons size and position.

Search Applet - Cinnamon Applet
Click on the applet to launch gnome-search-tool and search for files immediately.

Places with Terminal Launcher - Cinnamon Applet
Access your places and bookmarks, or launch a terminal at that location.

Clipboard QR code - Cinnamon Applet
Create and Scan QR codes directly from your Cinnamon desktop.

Drawer - Cinnamon Applet
Hide a few applet to have a neater panel, and make them show up again by a click.

ownKeepass | Piepmatz | acid-pass | Quick Menu | Popup Translator | Custom Cinnamon Menu


Messaging Menu V3 - Cinnamon Applet
Messaging Menu applet now compatible with Cinnamon 2.4.

Collapsible Systray - Cinnamon Applet
A replacement for the abandoned System Tray  Collapsible Cinnamon applet.

Session Manager - Cinnamon Applet
Provides easy access to shut down,  restart, etc.

World Clock Calendar - Cinnamon Applet
Fork of the Cinnamon calendar applet with  support for displaying multiple timezones.

CPU Temperature Indicator - Cinnamon Applet
Shows CPU Temperature.

Stopwatch for Cinnamon 1.8+ - Cinnamon Applet
Allows one to time activities such as  the time online with multiple instances possible.

Command Launcher - Cinnamon Applet
Lets you to run  command-line commands with the click of a button.



Icing Task Manager - Cinnamon Applet
This is a fork of  the unfinished development branch of Window List With App  Grouping applet, originally by jake-phy who forked the code  from GNOME Shell Window List.

Pan Bikes
Pan Bikes is  an application for Sailfish OS to view the locations and real- time occupancy of city bike stations. Data provider is  citybik.es.

Feeds Reader - Cinnamon Applet
Cinnamon applet for fetching and displaying RSS feeds.

Quick Menu - Cinnamon Applet
Easily and quickly create a  menu based on the files/folders found inside an specific  folder.



GPaste Reloaded - Cinnamon Applet
A complete rewrite of the GPaste applet based on the Gnome Shell extension.

Printers - Cinnamon Applet
Manage Jobs and Printers.

Custom Cinnamon Menu - Cinnamon Applet
Custom version of the default Cinnamon Menu applet, but infinitely more customizable.

Prostogram | Editor


Piepmatz is a Twitter client for Sailfish OS.

Github Explorer - Cinnamon Applet
Click on the applet to explore your Public Github repositories.

Vbox Launcher - Cinnamon Applet
An applet to launch virtual machines.

CinnVIIStarkMenu - Cinnamon Applet
Cinnamon Menu with the look of the Windows 7 Start Menu or the MATE Menu.



Application for airline tickets searching. The travelpayouts.com is used as data provider.

Draft Map
With this Sailfish app you can patch and scale an image on the map. With the app you can add temporary, future or private maps on OpenStreet map and move on those maps.

Office Center - Cinnamon Applet
Office Center is a feature-rich, cross-platform Cinnamon applet that provides easy access to all of your office programs and documents.

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